Things To Know

An atm is located in our main arcade building, located in front of the park.

Credit cards
We accept Visa & Mastercard, for park admission, at any one of our admission booths. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.

First aid
The first aid station is located in the main arcade building, located in front of the park.

Lost children or parents
Before entering the park, establish a meeting place in the event that you become seperated. Children who appear to be lost are brought to the main arcade in the front of the park.

Lost & found
All lost & found items are brought to the main arcade. Proceed to the main arcade to claim any lost items. Bowcraft is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Re-entry to park
Your paid admission to the park entitles you to the full day use of the park. If you plan on leaving and return later, please have your hand stamped at the gate before exiting.

Picnicking is not permitted anywhere in the park or parking lots. Coolers, outside food & drinks are not allowed into the park.

Personal announcements & pages cannot be broadcasted throughout the park. Please pre-arrange a meeting place in the event that you become seperated.

Dress code
Bowcraft is a family amusement park, and to maintain the park’s family atmosphere , we require shoes and shirts to be worn at all times. We do not allow sandals or open toe shoes on certain rides so sneakers is prefereable. Profanity, obscene gestures & statements, pictures of illegal substances and related items on clothing are prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who fails to comply with our dress codes.

Pets are not permitted in the park.

Appropriate behavior
Bowcraft is a family destination, and to maintain our family atmosphere we do require our patrons to behave in an appropriate and mature manner. Please refrain from acting and behaving in an unappropriate manner and behavior. As such no foul language, rude remarks, line cutting or pushing, radios, roller blades, skate boards, & bicycles are not permitted / allowed in the park. Bowcraft reserves the right to remove any patron, without refund, from the park that prevents others from enjoying the park.

Rider responsibility
For the safety of our patrons, some of our rides do have minimum height requirements. These requirements are posted on each individual ride. Please read these requirements before entering the ride. These requirements are strictly enforced and must be obeyed by all.

Season passes
Season passes are available for sale in the main arcade. These passes are sold per individual and cannot be shared or transferred. In the event that this does occur, the pass will be revoked/cancelled and no refund will be given.

Gift cards
Gift cards are available for sale in the main arcade building. They can also be purchased over the telephone, with the use of a credit card, by calling (908) 389-1234.

In keeping with our guest safety, there might be times deemed necessary to close rides during severe weather conditions. In most cases the rides will re-open, as soon as possible, after the passing of such weather condition. We ask you be understanding in such an event and know that safety is our first and foremost priority.

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