Looking for the perfect place to hold your next Fundraiser?

Let us host you're your next Fundraiser & we'll turn it into a family fun-day event. A place that members of your organization and their families can enjoy, while generating profits . Have your next family fun-day event here at Bowcraft!

The sky is the limit. Increase your attendees by having members of your organization invite their entire family, neighbors and friends. A small group of 50 members could turn out to be an event with over 500 attendees. The key to a successfully family fun-day is family, and Bowcraft is all about families. Most of our rides parents can ride along with their children, providing a family day event. Bowcraft promises all members of your event the two essentials to a successful & profitable fundraiser - value & fun - in a clean, friendly environment. Let us show you just how much fun & profitable a family fun-day at Bowcraft can be!

Some examples of profitable fundraisers are listed below:
# of Attendees Selling Price Your Cost Profit
250 People $25.00 $18.00 $1,750
500 People $25.00 $18.00 $3,500
750 People $25.00 $17.00 $6,000
1000 People $25.00 $16.00 $9,000

Please call our group sales department at ext. 10, to arrange your next family fun-day. Reservations along with the deposit are required to lock in your date. Reservations are booked and accepted on a first come first serve basis.

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